The Las Vegas Short Sale Agent

The Las Vegas Real Estate Agent who specializes in short sales is skilled in the various aspects of governmental related regulations and lender negotiation processes and techniques.

Short sale agents assume considerable responsibility, and an agent who does not have the required knowledge, expertise and experience, could prove to be a detriment to the needs of a home owner attempting to find a short sale solution to his/her problems.

 In other words, the beleaguered home owner should carefully check the credentials of an agent to be sure that the advertised “short sale specialist” is, in fact really skilled in that aspect of real estate representation. Beware of novices!

The short sale listing agent will handle the advertising and lender negotiation details and responsibilities on the seller’s behalf.

Working on behalf of a buyer interested in a short sale property, the short sale specialist will educate the client as to the possible delays and frustrations that may be experienced in closing a deal with the lenders.

The short sale agent will additionally know and explain to the client that dependent upon the seller’s circumstances and mortgage payment standing, the asking price for the property may be in line with or below market value.

As a result of the agent’s knowledge of the short sale, the agent is capable of helping to calculate an offering price that may be more acceptable than competing bids for the property, and in line with the buyer’s budgetary requirements.    

Agents without a thorough knowledge of short sale procedures and lender negotiations do their client’s a disservice by attempting to handle the proceedings despite the fact that they are unqualified.

The buyer, represented by an inexperienced agent, and without prior knowledge of what to really expect, may not be aware that although some shorts sales have closed with a 30-day period, a short sale could possibly take months to close, and the possibility exists that the lender will not accept the buyer’s offer even after long delay.

North American Realty of Nevada can assure you, if you are a short sale seller, or interested in purchasing a short sale property, that you are in the best of hands when you are represented by one of our short sale specialists.

Our agent’s are skilled and experienced in short sale representation, and know the ins and outs of how to advertise and price a short sale property, submit contingency offers to lenders on behalf of the buyer, and aid you throughout the process. Our agents are always a valuable source of information to their clients.

We invite you to contact North American Realty of Nevada for a no-obligation consultation at 702-376-0088.