Las Vegas Homes That Sell

If you want your Las Vegas Home to sell quickly, and at top dollar (and who doesn’t?) you can’t just hire a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, dump your home on the market and expect good results, no matter how qualified the agent.

You have to do a lot more than that. But preparing your home to look its best, and marketing the property correctly is not rocket science. All it takes is some good common sense actions on your part, and a real estate agent who knows his/her business.

Factors that can and will often affect a home’s value, besides looking its best and effective marketing, are such things as the property’s location. Location happens to be a vital component of your home’s value.

For example, a home located within a highly rated school district, and/or a home located in a desirable neighborhood that has weathered the current storm of falling prices better than most, will command a better price than a similar home in a not as desirable location.

Now, before your agent lists the property, you have to do your part in increasing your home’s attractiveness to buyers.

First of all, remove all clutter, and thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. If that sounds too exhausting, then hire a professional cleaning service to do the job.

Secondly, make note of anything in or on the premises that is in need of refreshing or repairing. For example, a fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral color will do wonders for the home’s appearance.

Worn carpeting or dingy flooring must be attended to as well. It’s very important for flooring to be in like new condition, as flooring makes an immediate impression upon buyers entering a home.

Keeping or removing wallpaper is a judgment call. If it’s not outdated and flows with the rest of the house, it’s probably okay to keep. Wallpaper in an offbeat color or strongly patterned should go.

As far as repairs are concerned, it’s obvious that if anything to do with the home’s plumbing, heating, air conditioning or electrical systems are malfunctioning in any way, repairs or replacements are an absolute must.

Needless to say, the home’s exterior has to be attended to as well. Curb appeal is equally important in attracting a buyer, and increasing the chances of getting top dollar for your property.

Certain upgrades or improvements made to the home’s interior and exterior must be carefully considered before undertaking any expensive project. Some upgrades may not be necessary, or even increase the home’s value, but others are a must.  For instance, a roof repair, or replacement, if needed can be very expensive, but, let’s face it,  a home with a problem roof isn’t going to pass inspection.

It pays to keep in mind that although cost does not always equal value, and a new roof may not give you a 100% return on expenditure, it does give your home a competitive edge.

In the second part of this article, we’ll cover what upgrades will increase a home’s value, and how to identify upgrades that will just cost you money.


Tony Sena is a Las Vegas Real Estate Broker/Salesperson and Designated Property Manager with North American Realty of Nevada.  He currently oversees a team of 10 real estate agents and manages the Property Management Division.  He can be reached at 702.376.0088.