Las Vegas Rental Properties


Las Vegas Rental Property Investors who engage a property management/real estate brokerage firm do so for the purpose of not only managing their current investments but to additionally help to find and negotiate the purchase of new properties, and formulate  an exit strategy for when the investor decides that the time is right to sell these properties.

Establishing a working relationship with a firm that has these dual capabilities gives the investor the advantages of employing a firm that can not only manage their properties but can keep the investor up to date on changing market factors and conditions that can effect the timing of both the buying and selling of the investor’s real estate holdings.

The property management/realty firm that has the expertise and overall capabilities to screen potential renters, collect revenues, maintain the investor’s property or properties within the guidelines of established laws and regulations, enhance revenues, institute cost effective measures and management techniques, market the property to ensure maximum exposure for rental purposes, and when it is decided to sell, aid in the negotiation process between buyer and seller, will prove to be to be one of a real estate investor’s greatest assets.

Pricing a property in line with market conditions, at an asking price that would be attractive to buyers, and simultaneously building in a profit margin acceptable to the owner, takes the expertise of an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable Las Vegas Listing Agent.

An agent who has the negotiating skills to close the deal with a compromise strategy that would be acceptable to both parties, is the quality agent you want as your representative.

North American Realty Company of Nevada takes pride in the fact that as a truly full service real estate and property management company, we have the property managers and real estate agents with the skills, experience, and capabilities, to accomplish all of the above to our client’s complete satisfaction.

When you, as a real estate investor, plan to buy or sell rental property, and are represented by a North American Realty of Nevada Agent, you have engaged a representative who is highly skilled in the negotiation process, and has the people handling skills necessary to overcome objections and gain the confidence of buyer and seller.

Client satisfaction and helping our Las Vegas buyers and sellers to achieve their real estate goals are our primary objectives. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation at 702-376-7379.  We look forward to serving your needs.