Sell Your Las Vegas Home Faster

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, selling your Las Vegas Property is going to take some ingenuity and marketing know-how. Certainly, you need to “stage” your home to look its very best, inside and out. Have the home professionally inspected to identify hidden problems and avoid surprises that could sabotage the sale. Then do the necessary repairs.

If the inspection report shows that you have a “healthy” home with no problems, that report could be encouraging to buyers and helpful to your agent. Of course, you should find an experienced Las Vegas Listing Agent to represent you, one with a track record of success in your area.

Be sure to take the agent on a tour of the home and property.  Agent’s prefer to sell homes they have more familiarity with. Be certain that the MLS listing is descriptive enough to entice potential buyers. List special features such as swimming pool, convenience of location, upgrades, etc.

A virtual tour is nice, but multiple photos professionally taken are a must. Exterior photos should be taken on a bright and sunny day if possible, and the interior of the home should be well lit and, of course, uncluttered.

In addition to the MLS listing, it’s not a bad idea to post flyers where allowed, particularly in high traffic areas such as supermarkets, large bookstore chains, etc. List your Las Vegas Agent’s contact number on the flyers, not yours.

You don’t want people contacting you who may just be curiosity seekers. Besides, your agent will screen interested parties to see if they are serious buyers, and qualified to purchase your home.

Sometimes home sellers will hold a garage sale that has a two-fold purpose; to get rid of “stuff” that they don’t want to carry with them to their next home, and to attract buyers who may notice the “for Sale” sign on the property. Again, refer all interested parties to your real estate agent, who will screen them and then arrange a showing of the home to the most likely prospects.

One of the most important things you can do to help your agent sell your Las Vegas Home, is to allow easy, unrestricted as possible access to the property. A lock box is a big help. Keep the restricted hours in which you prefer the agent not show the home to a minimum. DO NOT restrict the agent to showing your home by appointment only, or requiring a 24-hour notification.

Remember, the more unrestricted your agent is in being able to show your home to potential buyers, the more likely the home will sell quicker. Too many restrictions can cause an agent to lose enthusiasm, and that would not be in your favor.


Tony Sena is a Las Vegas Real Estate Broker/Salesperson and Designated Property Manager with North American Realty of Nevada.  He currently oversees a team of 10 real estate agents and runs the Property Management Division.  He can be reached at 702.376.0088.