Are Las Vegas Buyer’s Agents Becoming Obsolete?

The internet has vastly changed the way we do business. Every aspect of doing business has been influenced by the ability to conduct transactions and gather information online.

With easy access to all sorts of information online, home buyers can use their computers to scan MLS listings for homes of interest, see images of homes, including 360-degree interactive photos which allow you to click on various features of the property, and even wander the neighborhood digitally.

Sites such as, and, Craigslist, and even and, offer informative data, find homes for sale or rent, including location maps, which help home buyers to find Las Vegas Properties, help rent properties, locate neighborhood amenities, provide home valuations, locate school district boundaries , search for interest rates, property tax rates, crime statistics, compare mortgage loan companies, and more.

A growing number of potential home buyers now feel a sense of empowerment because of their ability to access all this information without the help of a Realtor, and some of them may assume they can search for, find, and purchase a home –at a competitive price – on their own. Big Mistake!

First of all, it is true that the new transparency of real estate information previously unavailable to consumers, has forced Las Vegas Real Estate Professionals to revamp their strategies in order to stay relevant, since much of what used to be strictly Realtor information is now available online 24/7.

It is also true that some of the real estate information available online must be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. Some information is outdated, and some misleading, and sites offering home valuation tools may use poor technology.

Home buyers should be aware that despite all the information at their fingertips, there really is no substitute for the experience and expertise of a qualified real estate agent.

An experienced agent, with a verifiable track record of success, knows the ins and outs of finding a Las Vegas Home that is specifically suited to your budget and lifestyle needs, and has the negotiating skills you cannot access online. These negotiating skills and market knowledge are your most valuable assets in closing on the home of your choice, and at the right price.

Your Realtor has the resources and neighborhood market study information you need to know, as to whether the home you may be interested in purchasing is under priced or over priced, and can help you adjust your offer to the seller to reflect that information.

Best of all, there are no out of pocket expenses involved in contracting with an agent to represent you. Listing agents share their commissions with your agent, so your agent receives a fee for his/her services, but not from you.

If you are looking for a new home, an agent who regularly works with developers can steer you towards the houses and subdivisions that have the best reputations for quality and buyer satisfaction. Try and find that information online!

So, despite all the real estate oriented information now available on the Internet, the savvy home buyer still understands that the services of a capable buyer’s agent offers the best chance of finding the right home at the right price.

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