Oasis in Las Vegas: Hidden green communities in the desert

I am not talking about eco-friendly green. I am talking about little know residential communities with an abundance of greenery. I get many clients from out of state and they often complain about the lack of vegetation (plants,trees, grass etc.) in your typical Southern Nevada subdivision. When I moved here 20 years ago from Florida my first impression was that Las Vegas looked dirty. Not in a grubby sense of the word but in a barren, brown vacant lot sort of way. After all this time I don’t even see the open parcels of desert any more as anything but natural. If you are looking for the unusual in Las Vegas, something a little closer to the green grass of home, read on.

Two reasonably priced slices of green normalcy in an otherwise tan world are Pecolle Ranch and The Lakes. Both are located in Southwest Las Vegas within about 8 miles West of the center of the world famous strip. Both are located just to the East of their better know cousin Summerlin.

The Lakes is a small mixed use community with rough borders of Sahara Avenue to the North, Durango Drive to the East, Desert Inn Road to the South, and Hualapai Way to the West. Currently there are only 73 homes for sale in this 2 square mile area ranging from 55,000 to 3,700,000. Most of the residential units were built from the mid 1980’s to the mid 1990’s. What makes this subdivision different from most  if the lush community landscaping and the man made lake.

Peccole Ranch is just across the street (Sahara Avenue) from The Lakes. It’s Northern border is Charleston Avenue, Ft. Apache is the Eastern Border and Hualapai Way is to the West. Peccole Ranch is even greener than the Lakes and is crisscrossed with greenbelts featuring jogging paths, exercise stations and even a Frisbee golf course, There is also an excellent combo library/museum within its borders. Lots of shopping, restaurants and a  a couple of really nice casinos nearby make this area a great place to live. There are approximately 66 homes for sale in this area ranging from 44,000 to 400,000.

This just scratches the surface of what is available in these two communities. If you want to be in Las Vegas but don’t want to give up the familiarity of home, this just might be the place for you, Feel free to contact me if you have any question or want to take a tour of homes in the area ( I live only a couple of miles from here and love the area). My name is Greg Hoffman and I have been a Realtor in Las Vgeas since 1999. My phone number is 702-683-6913 or you can email me at greg@senasellsvegas.com