Inspecting My Vacant Las Vegas Rental Properties: What a Surprise!

Every weekend I drive around to all my vacant Las Vegas Rental Properties to check on them and collect business cards from agents that showed the properties.  I like to follow up with the agents to get feedback on what their clients thought of the property.  When I go on my inspections, I usually take my daughter with me, she is 8, as she likes to work with me on the weekends.  Today was the first time, I felt she could be in harms way and it was not a great feeling.

Upon visiting one of my single story homes in North Las Vegas, everything seemed normal as I pulled into the driveway.  As I approached the gate, I noticed it was open but that is not uncommon as many real estate agents don’t always close gates.  When I got to the front door, I noticed it was not locked but again, I didn’t get too concerned as real estate agents don’t always lock the front door.  I opened the front door and walked in as my daughter followed behind me.  I looked over to my right towards one of the bedrooms and noticed a paper towel on the floor covered in a red substance which I believed was blood.

I instantly reverted back to my training as a Henderson Police Officer and yelled at my daughter to get out of the house and stand in the front yard.  I very loudly identified myself and ordered whomever was in the house to show themselves.  After a few minutes or less, it was obvious if there was someone inside, they weren’t going to acknowledge me.  The smart thing to do would have been to call the North Las Vegas Police Department to respond and clear the house but I felt I was capable of clearing the home.

I slowly began to search the vacant home, checking each room carefully and luckily it was empty.  I found that the subject(s) had entered through a bedroom window which I secured.  There was no damage but the subject(s) did leave quite a bit of trash around the house.  I called one of my buddies who works for the North Las Vegas Police Department to drive by and check on the property during his graveyard shift, just in case this subject(s) decides to come back.