How to Protect your Real Estate Investment with our Las Vegas Property Management Services

Do you own one or more investment properties in the Las Vegas Valley that you just don’t have time to manage anymore?  Having your investment property managed by a Professional Las Vegas Property Management Company can free up your time to devote to other important tasks.

The first step in managing your Las Vegas Investment Property is the property inspection.  We inspect every property to ensure it’s in move in condition.  If a property is not in rental condition, we will provide a detailed report of what repairs need to be made to get it ready for tenants.  Once the property is in rental condition, we determine the rental rate by thoroughly checking rental comps for properties in the area that have rented in the last 6 months.  By pricing your home comparable to what other homes have rented for in your area will increase your chances of getting your home rented in the least amount of time.

Selecting the wrong tenant is like putting lighter fluid on your floor and handing them the match. One example of a bad tenant is a person that does not meet the income requirements or has had a history of defaulting on their credit obligations.  We feel that proper tenant screening is one of the most important aspects of Property Management.  Not only do we do a credit and background check, employment and income verification, and reference check but we also interview all potential tenants.  With a background in Law Enforcement, we have years of experience in Interviewing and Interrogation.  We don’t actual interrogate tenants but we do a thorough interview which assists us in selecting the best tenant for your investment property.

Once the tenant has been selected and approved by the Landlord, we complete the lease agreement and do a walk through inspection with the tenant(s).  Before leaving we remind the tenant that rent is due on the first of every month and the importance of paying rent on time.  We have strict penalties if rent is not paid on time.  Letting payments come in late without penalty is setting up a relationship with the tenant for failure. People will do what they feel they can get away with, so it’s important we have these penalties in place.  Managing your Las Vegas Investment Property and enforcing on time payment policies will avoid a long list of future problems.

If you want to free yourself completely from collecting rental payments and the day to day management issues, hire a Las Vegas Property Management Company like North American Realty of Nevada.  We can be reached 7 days a week at 702.376.7379 or complete our Property Management Inquiry Form.