Finding the Right Tenant for Your Las Vegas Property is Key!

When you purchase an investment property in Las Vegas, you want the ideal scenario.  As soon as the property closes, you would like to have a renter moving in the home and begin collecting rent.  To make this possible, most property managers will begin screening potential tenants based on their credit, employment, previous rental history and references but in my opinion that isn’t enough!  The problem I have experienced, most property managers never even meet the tenants!  They make decisions based on printouts and phone conversations!  What about having an interview with potential tenants?

Being a former City of Henderson Police Officer, I have experience interviewing individuals who were victims, witnesses and suspects in crimes.  Just by taking 15-20 minutes to sit down and talk with individuals, it can tell you alot about them by the way they talk, their body language and their non verbals.  Asking about their current employment, rental history, criminal history and few other questions can give you a pretty good idea if this person would be a good rental candidate.  Having a face to face meeting with the potential tenant could be the difference in having future issues.

So if you are a Las Vegas Landlord and are in need of a Property Manager, make sure you ask Property Managers you are interviewing if they sit down with potential tenants or do they base their decisions strictly on the paper printouts and phone conversations.  If they don’t, I would suggest you keep looking!

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