Las Vegas Property Management: Section 8

Section 8 is an affordable housing program run by HUD. This program is administered here in Las Vegas and it’s a voluntary program.  Once qualified, approval of paperwork, a person is assigned to a counselor.  After meeting with the counselor, a voucher is issued with regard to the number of members in the family, their ages and their sex. Older children get rooms to themselves and same sex children get a room to themselves if there isn’t a large age gap.

Majority of those that are approved Section 8 are single parent families.  Many of them work and attend school.  If they are employed they can use all of their voucher for rent. If they don’t have employment, a portion of their voucher money must be used for utilities.

If a Las Vegas Homeowner wishes to offer housing for Section 8 applicants, they must work with the Las Vegas HUD office to assure that the property meets HUD standards for safety.  The office may also review the lease agreement and determine if the rental amount is fair for the market.  One of the main benefits for Las Vegas Homeowners to accept Section 8 tenants is the guaranteed payments from HUD for as long as the tenant remains in the Las Vegas property.

If you are having a hard time renting your Las Vegas Home, Section 8 might be an option for you!

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