Where Are the City of Henderson Mayoral Candidates?

I have been trying to learn about the 5 candidates that are running for Mayor of the City of Henderson and I must say I am very disappointed.  Out of the 5 candidates, there are only 2, Amanda Cyphers and Andy Hafen that have a website that gives any information about who they are, why they are running and why they should be selected as the next Mayor of Henderson. 

Not everyone is going to have the opportunity to listen to the 5 Mayoral Candidates in person as to why they should be selected as the next Mayor of our great City of Henderson.  Don’t they know many residents of Henderson will do their research online to help them better understand which candidate will be the best person to lead Henderson through this economic turmoil we are facing.

I am really shocked that these candidates don’t have an Internet presence especially after what we witnessed with President Obama connecting through Social Media.  Granted it’s a city election but Henderson is the 2nd largest city in Nevada.  Having the ability to connect to the residents of Henderson through the Internet is the quickest and cheapest form of communication and it can be done in real time.

I even gave all the candidates an opportunity to share their message on my blog, but so far no one has taken me up on my offer.  The sad thing is if you search the name of any one of these 5 candidates, my blog is coming up in the top 10.

I do have to give Amanda Cyphers some credit, not only does she have a website but she has a blog as well.  She is making an attempt to connect with the residents of Henderson but the one thing I would like to see more from her on her blog is some meat and potatoes.  What are the issues we are facing in Henderson and if she were to be elected, what would be her solutions.

Early voting is only a few days away, I hope to hear from our City of Henderson Mayoral Candidates on the issues and why they should be elected!