Matthew Zobrist is Running for Henderson Municipal Court Judge

A friend of mine, Matthew Zobrist is running for Henderson Municipal Court Judge.  I have had the opportunity to work with Matt as a Police Officer with the City of Henderson and I cannot honestly give you one reason why he wouldn’t make a great Municipal Court Judge for Henderson.  Below is a little information from Matt on why he is seeking your Vote to become a Henderson Municipal Court Judge.

My name is Matthew Zobrist and I want to be the next Henderson Municipal Court Judge because I have a strong service-oriented philosophy. I have served this community for the last 10 ½ years as a police officer.  My police experience makes me the best prepared candidate for this position.

My wife and I have called Henderson home for almost 15 years.  My family has been in the Vegas Valley since 1952.  You know many of my relatives, even having gone to school with my dad.  They will tell you I am fair and honest and will make a great judge.  I want to serve the community as a judge to help keep our families safe while pursuing justice.

I attended UNLV’s part-time program at the Boyd School of Law while working full- time as a police officer.  I realize now, that my ability to serve my community has increased with my law degree and I desire now serve Henderson as a Municipal Court Judge.

It is important to understand that Henderson Municipal Court deals with misdemeanor crimes only. My police experience is invaluable in this area.  It gives me a unique perspective about the offenders who come into court and an understanding of victims’ situations.  I have investigated all sorts of misdemeanor criminal activities and dealt with all sorts of offenders, witnesses and victims throughout my career.  My police background gives me a better perspective into what justice is necessary in these situations. I believe in personal accountability; in being fair, but firm. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial, but if the prosecution proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt, I will be a Judge who meets out appropriate consequences.

The Henderson Police Officers Association knows that I am the right choice to be the next Municipal Court Judge.  I garnered their endorsement because they know my reputation for integrity, dedication and accountability.  They know my goal is truly to protect our community by ensuring justice is done by holding criminals accountable for their actions.

I need your help, support, financial contributions and most importantly, your VOTE!   Even if you don’t live in Henderson, you can inform your friends who do, to vote for me.

Please make contributions out to “COMMITTEE to ELECT ZOBRIST” Donations also accepted online at

Thank you for your time. If you want to know more about my candidacy, please feel free to contact me at the above address, email, phone or visit my website.

Committee to Elect Matt Zobrist
9017 S. Pecos Rd. Ste. 4300
Henderson, NV. 89074
702 353-0678 (cell),
702 737-1934 (Aloha Consulting)