McCain Bad for Nevada!

Regardless if you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, John McCain is bad for Nevada!  Why you ask?  John McCain visited Reno, Nevada yesterday and publicly announced that he still supports a nuclear waste dump in Nevada!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live 90 miles from a Nuclear Waste Depository!  Majority of our state’s budget is derived from gaming and with a Nuclear Dump only 90 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, don’t be suprised if visitors to Las Vegas drops, which will affect the whole State of Nevada, not just Las Vegas!

The way I look at it, all the states that have nuclear power plants should be responsible for disposing of their own nuclear waste, why should Nevada be responsible for their decision on having a Nuclear power plant?  What’s worse, there will be shipments of Nuclear waste traveling across states making its way to Nevada via interstates and railways.  Thats a catastrophe waiting to happen!

You think the Las Vegas Home market is bad now, wait and see what happens if Yucca Mountain becomes a reality.  Many people will begin to move away from Las Vegas because of the proximity to the Nuclear Dump.   A Nuclear dump is bad for Las Vegas and Nevada!

If John McCain wants a Nuclear Dump built, why doesn’t he petition to have one built in his home state of Arizona?  So remember, John McCain is bad for the state of Nevada, do not support John McCain!!!