Las Vegas for Sale by Owner

Are Las Vegas Homeowner’s still trying to sell their homes by owner?  I don’t see as many for sale by owner signs up as I drive through neighborhoods in the Las Vegas Valley.  I do see many advertisements on promoting Las Vegas for Sale by Owners.  I also have seen my websites popping up on the internet targeting Las Vegas for Sale by Owners?  Maybe they know something that I don’t know?

With home prices dropping as much as they have, I can’t imagine that many for sale by owners having much if any equity in their homes?  But many are pricing their homes way above market value in an attempt to try and make a profit on their home when they should be attempting to sell their home as a short sale.  Many for sale by owners can’t compete with the prices that bank owned homes in their neighborhood are priced at.

The question remains, is there still a market for Las Vegas for Sale by Owners?